With a Google Suite account managed by Urban Driftwood you gain all the features of Google Apps with local support and management performed by our team. We will work with you to setup your apps accounts on mobile devices or configure mail programs such as Outlook or Thunderbird to send and receive mail.

Your apps account includes a calendar, cloud storage with Google Drive, spreadsheet, document and presentation creation with Google Docs, along with many additional tools. These accounts come with a 30 GB quota for email and cloud storage of your documents and can be easily scaled up if needed.

More information about G Suite can be found here:  https://gsuite.google.com/

The Do It Yourself Route

If you prefer to setup your G Suite account yourself they make the process fairly simple. There are a few technical steps but can probably be setup in less than an hour. Get Started Yourself Here

And who doesn’t like a promo code:

G Suite Basic Plan
G Suite Business Plan
Each promotion code provides 20% off the first year on either G Suite Basic plan or G Suite Business plan*.